Project and Low Bed Transport

Project Transportation

Special solutions suitable for Project Transportation that require experience, operational capability, preparation of different scenarios and expertise of logistics services are at BIRLIK ROAD AND SEA INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT We provide services not only in Highway, Seaway, Railway and Airway transportation, but also in Project Transportation with our expert team. It works on issues such as determining the most suitable route, cost analysis and research, preparation of road report, operational and legal compliance, risk management, depending on the type, weight and size of your cargo; We ensure that your products reach the delivery point in the safest way. We produce alternative solutions for your complete and partial * shipments. With BIRLIK ROAD AND SEA INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT , which has all the necessary documents within the scope of Project Transportation, you can transport your cargo to your destination on time, smoothly and safely.

Low Bed Transports

It has undertaken the Project studies that its customers need by continuously improving its low bed transportation experience. It has created a safe transportation model to the regions that are most difficult to reach from geographic location, requiring expertise and engineering. It determines possible risks in advance by performing road analysis, country procedures and correct equipment needs with its expert staff. BIRLIK ROAD AND SEA INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT CO, which has carried out many projects throughout the country and the world, adds strength to your power in low-bed transportation ...

Sectors We Serve: Energy, Machinery, Construction, Automotive, Marine, Mining, Telecommunication, Port Operations

Countries we serve: Europe, Iran, Iraq, Georgia and CIS countries