Discover the Difference with Our Logistics and Transportation Solutions!

In international logistics, we strive to provide special and excellent service to our customers, from small parcels to project transportation, from storage to supply chain management, from partial transportation to complete transportation. We aim to shape the future of trade with our logistics solutions that we have developed in the changing world.
Being reason: Logistics Sector in Turkey and become one of the leading players in the world.
Our aim is to support our customers' success, contribute to their goals, and be with them in their future! We know the importance of a solution-oriented approach in logistics services, operational experience to serve international trading companies, on-site and timely support! The cargo of our customers is our cargo, the priority of our customers is our priority ...

Where are we?

As Birlik Transport, we provide logistics services to many countries including IRAQ, IRAN, MIDDLE EAST, CIS COUNTRIES, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, BULGARIA, ITALY, GERMANY, FRANCE.

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