Railway Transport

Railway Transport

As BIRLIK ROAD AND SEA INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT CO , we ensure that our customers benefit from all the advantages of fast and environmentally friendly Railway Transportation that offers safe, economical, high volume and carrying capacity. We are with you either in project-based works or in customized solutions. We ensure that our products reach their destination without being affected by weather conditions, road bans and density at border gates.

We offer Multimodal Transportation with Railway - Seaway - Road - Airway connection with TCDD guarantee for CIS *, Europe and Middle East carriage of 45 tons and above such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Russia.

Özellikle uzun mesafeli taşıma için tercih edilen Demiryolu Taşımacılığı’nda güçlü altyapımız ile kaliteli, kolay yönetilebilir, verimli ve devamlılık sağlayan hizmet sunmayı amaçlıyoruz.

In Railway Transportation, as in other transportation fields, we provide comprehensive service in all processes with our experienced and expert team in national and international legislation and standards.

CIS: Commonwealth Of Independent States - Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Our Featured Services:

  • Caucasus, Balkans, Middle East, Turkic Republics Railway Transportation
  • Iran Railway Transportation
  • Europe - Freight Wagons from Turkey
  • Turkey - Freight Wagons from Asia
  • Transfer, Handling * and Transit Operations at Country Borders
  • Wagon Rental Service
  • Project Transportation Between Countries
  • Insured, Safe, Regular Tracking System Supported Transport